Paw Patrol printable party kit

5.99 USD$

With this printable Paw Patrol kit you can complement the decoration of your child’s birthday party, to make it look more cute and cozy.

Once you make the purchase you will receive an email with the download link ready to customize and print.

This Printable Paw Patrol Kit contains the following:

  1. A garland with editable text.
  2. Circular cupcake toppers.
  3. Garland cupcake toppers.
  4. Box model 1 with editable text.
  5. Box model 2 with editable text.
  6. Oval box.
  7. French fries box with editable text.
  8. Box for sweets.
  9. Popcorn box with editable text.
  10. Children’s party hat.
  11. Straw toppers.
  12. Cupcake wrapper.
  13. Wavy model of cupcake wrapper.
  14. Bottle lable.
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal


Several of the pieces in this kit are customizable, since you can write the name of your child or a short phrase, You can open PDF files from Adobe Acrobat or simply from your browser, you will see that there is a shaded part where you have to click to write the text you want, then print it (if you are going to do it at home) or save it if you are going to take it to a printing center with the texts already edited.

Whatever the place where you go to print, we recommend that you do it on an opaline cardboard greater than 200 grams, so your pieces will be more resistant and stable.


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